cyclone press helps entrepreneurs (and soloproneurs) in Kansas City build better businesses through design, printing, and website development.

Design is at the core of everything we do, but we’re equally passionate about business and entrepreneurship. We don’t want to just design and print your business cards; we want to talk about the tagline on those cards – if it’s a good fit and why. Branding might be the pretty face, but solid business strategies are the brains underneath.

Everything we do is with the startup or small business in mind. The majority of our logo design/redesign projects fall into the “quick logo” category, where we spend a few hours and a few rounds of revisions to create a clean, professional logo in the correct formats that won’t break the bank. We’re practical, and we don’t believe you need to spend your entire budget on a logo before you’ve even validated your business concept. That’s why we have a startup package.

We want to see your business succeed, and we’re all about building long term relationships and connecting you with others. Our job is to make your job easier, whether that’s providing on-demand hourly design for that new advertising opportunity, a simple way to reorder print materials, or someone to keep tabs on your website and post fresh content. Find out more about who we work with here.

“Sarah is a crucial member of our team. She brings to life what I see in my head but could never create myself. Sarah brings her quirky creativity to my presentations making them fresh, making them sparkle. Sarah always exceeds expectations and does it efficiently with quick turn-around.”

Matt B., Kansas City, MO

“I’ve worked with Sarah on a couple of projects in the past and I always feel like she ‘gets me.’ She produces lovely work and is extremely diligent in getting it just right. I would recommend her in a heartbeat. She is responsive, receptive and just plain cool.”

Lisa H., Kansas City, MO

who’s on the team?

sarah schumacher cyclone press profile photo square

sarah schumacher

founder + creative director

I spend way too much time in coffee shops, talk way too fast, and am passionate about clean, minimalist design, entrepreneurship, art, branding, coffee and Kansas City. I’m also a mixed media artist and writer who reads. I’m constantly consuming books and articles about business, productivity, science and tech and am always available to discuss the most recent interesting post, or the best way to reach Inbox Zero. I’ve been helping small businesses look professional in print and online for over 10 years, and I thrive on creative problem-solving. Let’s talk about how we can get your business idea off the ground – or take it to the next level.

mick thompson profile photo square

mick thompson

web developer

After registering his first domain in 1999, Mick spent the earlier days of the web developing as a hobby. He later pursued his passion, changed careers, and is now employed as a full-time developer for a large retailer in Kansas City where he’s involved with everything from design to security to the content and marketing of a large site that boasts millions of visitors annually, as well as tens of millions of page views. At cyclone press, Mick is responsible for managing website hosting accounts and WordPress maintenance (weekly updates, backups, and security monitoring), as well as troubleshooting and fixing any technical issues that come up. He’s also involved in site development and custom coding solutions.


freelance designers

branding, print design, copywriting, SEO

We have a pool of multiple designers, illustrators, and copywriters we pull from as needed. Who we work with is dependent on the project – most of our logos and print collateral are handled by a single consistent designer, but if your project requires a clean illustration style, we might pull in an illustrator who specializes in the style you’ve requested.

Interested in working with us? Send us your resume, a link to your portfolio, and the type of projects where you excel. We’re always looking to connect with more freelancers in Kansas City (or elsewhere), so please get in touch.

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