Broken Google Map on Your Website? Here’s Why and How to Fix It

Embedding a Google map on your WordPress website is no longer a simple (or free) process. Find out why and how this affects you. In May 2018, Google announced pricing plans for Google Maps. Beginning June 11, you’ll need a valid API key and a Google Cloud Platform billing account to access our core products. [...]

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What Is Website Encryption (SSL) and Why You Need It

Website encryption changed a lot in 2018, so I've updated this post with the current state of website encryption and SSL certificates. First, a quick explanation. We're talking about the lock icon that's displayed next to the URL in your address bar (see note at the end of this article about how this is [...]

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G Suite Email Setup Instructions for All Your Devices

G Suite Email Setup Instructions for All Your Devices Products with higher adoption rates are often easier to integrate with other services. That's one of the biggest selling points for G Suite, which is simply a paid Google account using your own domain ([email protected]). You can use all the features accessible with a [...]

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Advice for Freelance Designers and the Entrepreneurs Who Hire Them

I recently received an email from a new freelance designer about a project that hadn’t gone well. If you've been working in design for any length of time it's a familiar story, unfortunately. Client is a friend. Pricing is set within a certain range. Work begins, but the business partner has different ideas. [...]

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How to Achieve Inbox Zero With 3 Simple Habits

After months (!!!) of not seeing the bottom of my inbox, I finally achieved Inbox Zero, and it feels amazing. Lest you think I had a backlog of several thousand emails, I should clarify. If I'm managing projects well, 10-15 emails is normal. Most of this year it's hovered around 60-75. That still low number [...]

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8 Apps I Couldn’t Live Without

I’m a productivity nerd and I love seeing how other people work and picking up new tricks, so here are the apps I use most and how. If you read enough of these types of posts you'll see the same apps repeated over and over, so you know what’s worth downloading or purchasing. Notes to [...]

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Is Your Password Hack-Proof?

At this point in our tech-centric lives, it’s a pretty safe bet that anyone reading this post has had to come up with at least a handful of personal passwords at some point. WiFi, bank accounts, social media, Paypal, Amazon, Netflix… the list goes on and on. And if you’re like me, at least a [...]

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