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We want to work with soloproneurs and entrepreneurs in Liberty, Kansas City, and the surrounding metro area who are interested in building a long term relationship with a team that functions as their on call, in-house marketing department. Our goal is to help you grow by simplifying and providing the tools you need to brand and market your business effectively.

Large companies have brand managers, print buyers, and web developers on staff. Small businesses don’t have the budget (or need) for these full time positions, but they still frequently need these services. That’s where we come in; the outsourced in-house branding team for your small business.

We want to work with:

  • startups new to business and branding – lots of questions, more consulting

  • established businesses who need design, printing, or website maintenance – here’s what I need, get it done

  • businesses that want to start fresh or need to pivot their vision and their visuals – what do you think of this, and how do we execute?

  • soloproneurs who need support – encouragement, brainstorming, and hands on deck

  • Mac users who want to take charge of their tech – no worrying about passwords or missing files

If this is you, please get in touch and let us know how we can help you build a better business. We’re particularly interested in socially conscious entrepreneurship, health and wellness, tech, makers, foodies/coffee and all things Kansas City (although we’ll work with non-local clients as well).

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“We were extremely pleased. Services were prompt and very professional. Sarah is very talented and creative and helped us design numerous items for our marketing needs.”

Scott S., Liberty, MO

“cyclone is FAST, CREATIVE, HIGHLY-ADDICTIVE GRAPHIC MARKETING for my small growing business!”

Josh T., Kansas City, MO

“Sarah is a crucial member of our team. She brings to life what I see in my head but could never create myself. Sarah brings her quirky creativity to my presentations making them fresh, making them sparkle. Sarah always exceeds expectations and does it efficiently with quick turn-around.”

Matt B., Kansas City, MO

“cyclone press gives you everything you need and doesn’t waste your time offering impractical solutions. Sarah and her team understand what businesses truly need and she works hard to offer great solutions.”

Bil B., Liberty, MO

“Sarah @ cyclone is the BEST.”

Dave M., Parkville, MO

“I’ve worked with Sarah on a couple of projects in the past and I always feel like she ‘gets me.’ She produces lovely work and is extremely diligent in getting it just right. I would recommend her in a heartbeat. She is responsive, receptive and just plain cool.”

Lisa H., Kansas City, MO

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