we teach tech-challenged entrepreneurs how to take back their time.

Love it or hate it, technology is here to stay, especially for entrepreneurs. Everyone seems to be drowning in email, trying to keep track of increasingly complex schedules, and constantly resetting forgotten passwords. And those are just the basics – never mind choosing and using productivity software or logging into the website.

We enjoy patiently teaching small business owners how to confidently use their MacBooks and iPhones. If you’re constantly frustrated by missing files, programs that seem designed to confuse you, and the black hole that is your email, we have the solution for you:

hands on training sessions

Choose your office or a coffee shop and bring your laptop, phone and tablet. Tell us your biggest pain points and we’ll explain – in layman’s terms – what the best solutions are and why. We’ll help you install and set up any recommended tools, then teach you how to use them. It’s important that you’re the one pushing the mouse and getting a feel for how things work, because this will give you the confidence to continue when it’s 9 AM the following Monday. This isn’t one and done either. If you want to meet weekly or monthly to review your processes it will accelerate your confidence in handling your tech.

We specialize in Apple products: MacBooks, iMacs, iPhones, iPads.

This is an ecosystem we know like the back of our hand, and many people are not using these products anywhere near their full potential (see automations below). While some of the products we recommend work on Windows computers as well, it can get a bit more complicated. We prefer to work with Mac-only clients because that’s what we know best, but if you happen to have a PC and are desperate to get some help, definitely get in touch.

level 1 – the basics

All these services are synced, meaning they apply to all your devices: laptop, phone and tablet. It’s important that your passwords, email, calendars and files are accessible everywhere if you’re going to use them consistently.

level 2 – project management

If you’ve realized the importance of analyzing your workflow and developing processes and procedures, we’d love to help you utilize technology to make your life easier. Project management systems are awesome, but only if they fit your workflow, and you first need to determine what that is. Start by creating repeatable processes for common tasks, then look at how to apply that to existing technology. If this sounds intimidating, well, that’s why we’re here. We’re easily distracted by the newest software which means we’ve probably already tried whatever system you’re considering, and can give you some pointers on what to look for.

  • workflow review
  • processes/procedures
  • project management systems
  • CRM’s
  • education and assistance with third party integrations
  • app research and training

level 3 – automation

If there’s something fairly repetitive you have to do, and you’ve often thought “I wish my computer could do this for me”… it probably can. Give us a quick overview of your problem, set up a consultation, or we can do a remote login. We’ll analyze what you’re trying to do, make suggestions, then setup and implement the tools necessary. You shouldn’t have to be tech savvy to take advantage of the processing power of your Mac + third party apps (or even built in tools).

Practical example of automation: we email a lot of PDF proofs. Those PDF’s are run through an automation that watermarks them and resizes for email, then automatically renames the file and moves it to the proofing folder. The proofing folder has an automation applied to it that automatically deletes proofs after a certain amount of time to keep things tidy. This kind of setup is incredibly easy to do on a Mac (we’re using two tools for this process, and one of them is built in). It’s also probably saving 5 minutes for every PDF we email, which adds up really fast. If we have an idea of what you need, we can point you to the tools required, and/or build the automation for you.

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